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2023 Registration Is Closed

Photos (2023 Season)

2023 Upcoming Meets Information

Liberty High School, Hillsbsoro

Registration deadline May 18

Location: Silke Field, Springfield Oregon
Individual Event Cost: $8.00 per event, will be billed at the time of registration 
Requires USATF Membership (see below)


How to get a USATF Membership

If you are planning on running in the Junior Olympic State Association Meet on June 24th/25th in Springfield Oregon you must have a USATF membership 

Here’s the steps you need to take to obtain one:


2. Get membership (INDIVIDUAL YOUTH MEMBERSHIP -  $30.00), submit Birth Certificate for DOB verification thru USATF portal. 

-prior members do not need to verify, only NEW members 

- this can take 10 days, so don’t delay

Welcome to Tigard Youth Track


To inspire, educate and motivate Tigard's young athletes of all levels through competitive track & field.

Tigard Youth Track's purpose is to give youth in the community the opportunity to train and compete as part of the experience of Track & Field, in order to promote the ideals of: Teamwork, Good Sportsmanship, Good Citizenship, and Honorable Character.

The Tigard Youth Track and Field (TYT) organization celebrates diversity and strives to create opportunities for inclusion.  We stand in solidarity with our athletes, parents, and coaches and those outside of our immediate TYT family who are affected by the egregious racist and violent acts in our country.

As an organization, TYT condemns the violence against black men, women and youth as we stand against all forms of racism, bigotry and violence.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, Martin Luther King Jr. 

Listen, Learn, Support, and Act

USATF Club Number


Coollogo com 115641275