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Tigard Youth Track (TYT) 

May 11th, 2019

    Good Sportsmanship is central to the success of Co-ed Tigard Youth Track (TYT) & Field and Cross Country; therefore, it is mandatory that every athlete and parent read and understand the Sportsmanship Policy prior to the start of each season and agree to adhere to the requirements. The mission of TYT is to create an environment that is safe, fun and competitive for all of our athletes to experience. It's what makes good athletes great! Our practices and meets should be played with good sportsmanship at all times. As a participant in any TYT practice or event you must pledge to the following: 

  •  Respect ALL coaches and board members of TYT. 
  •  Respect ALL fellow TYT athletes at all times. 
  •  Respect ALL fellow Track & Field and Cross-Country athletes. 
  •  Respect the meets, compete fairly, and follow all rules and policies. 
  •  Accept and Respect the decisions of any meet officials with good grace. 
  •  Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after meets, win or lose. 
  •  Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after every practice. 
  •  Be responsible for the sportsmanship of my teammates and assist in maintaining a respectful environment for all participants. 
  •  Be courteous to opposing athletes, officials and facilitators and treat everyone with respect. 
  •  Help to maintain and keep all equipment and conditions at the track in good condition. 
  •  Obey all track rules, while respecting all equipment, common areas, field areas, parking areas, and surrounding neighborhoods.
  •  Refrain from the use of abusive language or profanity at any time. 
  •  Not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of any athlete, coach, parent, official, board member or spectator. 
  •  Not engage in verbal, written, or physical threats or abuse aimed at any athlete, coach, parent, official, board member or spectator. 
  •  Not initiate a fight, scuffle, or exchange with any individual (including but not limited to: pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, etc.). 
  •  No use of alcoholic, tobacco or illegal drugs at any location at any time. 

   Sports are filled with judgment calls and, as a result, disputes between athletes, opponents, officials and coaches may occur from time to time. However, it is important that athletes respect and handle all disputes that may occur in a polite and respectful manner. Parents and Athletes may not argue/protest a judgment call directly and shall address any concerns directly to a TYT Coach or Board Member. Any behavior deemed unacceptable by TYT Board or Coaches may result in a warning, suspension, and/or expulsion as outlined below. TYT Board of Directors reserves the right for final decision and action taken by TYT in any such event. 

1st Offense will result in a verbal warning to athlete and the athlete's parents. 

2nd Offense will result in 1-week suspension (7-consecutive days) that will include practices and meet(s). 

3rd Offense will result in permanent expulsion from TYT in its entirety.

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